What is Airbrush Make Up?

I now offer Airbrush Make up, but as this is a relatively new concept in the UK. I thought it might be nice to explain what it is and how it can benefit you on your wedding day.

Airbrush makeup is a very thin liquid makeup, much thinner than traditional makeup, which makes it very easy to mix several colors together and customize to match any skintone. Airbrush makeup is also highly pigmented, giving true and rich color without looking “caked on.” There are several professional brands; I use Luminess Air.

Airbrush makeup is applied through an airbrush gun, a tool that allows the custom blended makeup to pass through as a light, cooling mist of air on the face. Coverage can be sheer, or built upon to cover scars and blemishes.

So what is best Airbrush or Traditional Liquid Foundation?

It is all personal preference. Although Airbrush gives a matte finish, it allows your skin tone to show through and it will look completely natural, but if you have very dry skin or very oily then I would suggest traditional Liquid foundations as they can give the skin the extra care it needs.

I personally love the flawless finish that an Airbrush can give, but i can also give you the flawless look with a traditional liquid foundation.

I do not charge extra for Airbrush Make Up so please let me know if you would like to use this.

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