Bridal Beauty Tips

  1. Make sure you get a good skincare routine sorted (clean, tone, exfoliate and moisturise) roughly 6 weeks before the big day. This gives your skin change to settle down (you might get a few spots to start with!) and also it will mean your skin will be at its best on the big day. I would recommend visiting Caroline Hiron’s blog for skincare advice.
  2. For your trial make sure you have no make up on and perform a gentle exfoliate and moisturise before i arrive. This will give a more flawless and glowing result. Trust me!
  3. Add a conditioning treatment to your hair once a week roughly a month before the big day. Your hair will look naturally beautiful and will be shining. I recommend VO5 hot oils. An oldy but a goody!
  4. For your trial, try and style your hair how you want it on the day. I know you’re not an expert, but even putting it into a rough bun if your having an updo will give you more of an ideas of how it will look on the day. Also try a bit of fake tan if your having it on the day and also wearing a white top will help finish the trial look. Also if you are dying your hair a much different colour for the day, then this should be done before your trial. Your hair colour can drain or add colour to your face and so your look will also need to be adapted.
  5. Pop a hand cream into your handbag, so that you can keep popping some on during the wedding preparations. This also goes for your hubby to be! The photographer will most likely want to take a picture of you and your husbands hands with your rings and you want them to look their best!
  6. On your trial it might be best to pull some pictures from magazines that you like the look of and also maybe have some photographs of how you normally wear your make up. I will see you without make up and will not know that you wear thick eyeliner or usually wear bright lipstick unless you tell me! You will still want to look like you only better!
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