Bridal Series : Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation in shade shell

When i heard Hourglass was releasing this foundation i was so excited. it sounded like a make up artists dream come true. Stick foundations are always easier and quicker to apply and the idea of light texture with a full coverage and with a glow sounded like heaven, so i was quick to snap it up and see if it could become a regular in my kit.

my Skin

For reference i am fair to light skinned with pink undertones. I am prone to redness so i tend to stick with neutral under-toned foundations. I take a nw20 in mac. I usually have combination to oily skin, but i am currently retinolling (is that a word!) and so my skin has done a massive 180 and is currently flaking like a Greggs sausage roll, which has meant i now understand the pain you dry skinned girlies (and guys) are going through.

Hourglass Vanish application

so i bought the shade shell, which is a good match for my skin. It’s a tad lighter than a mac nw20, more a nw18 i would say. The application is good, lovely and smooth and blends like a dream, but it doesn’t feel full coverage, more a medium to full coverage. I have alot of redness, which is did cover, but I’m also freckly and those still popped through, which isn’t a bad thing, but usually full coverage wipes those bad boys out.

This is where the dream ended. I applied with a brush (Sigma F80) and got a lovely medium coverage, but it was leaving brush marks around my nose and upper lip and so i went over with a damp beauty sponge (Real Techniques) and boy did it hate that! It flaked on my nose and went patchy in-between my brows and on my chin. It looked a total mess. If i was applying it on a bride i would have cried! It looked just awful!! I know my skin isn’t what it usually is due to the retinol so i washed it off, moisturised and reapplied, but with the Hourglasss Mineral Veil Primer underneath to help matters. The primer did help a little and setting with No7 Airbrush pressed powder helped smooth out some issues, but it still looked nasty on my nose and in between my brows.

Final Thoughts

if you are combination to oily i feel this foundation may work. I left it on all day and it didn’t move, or go patchy and it looked luminous, which is great. I will revisit when my skin goes back to normal, but if you are super dry then i wouldn’t recommend. There are much better foundations for you out there!

Hourglass Vanish Stick foundation can be purchased from and retails for £42.

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